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Veggie-Meat Special

     (Serving With White or Brown Rice)    

  (made of soybean, Wheat, mushroom, and vegetables.

 They taste like real meats, but consist no real meats)

Veggie Chicken 9.95   Veggie Beef 10.95


With Broccoli


With Mixed Vegetable


With Garlic Sauce



With Snow Peas


With Mushrooms



With Eggplant



Hunan Style


Szechuan Style



With String Beans & Ginger


    With Black Bean Sauce
    Mongolian Style
    With Mushroom & Ginger
    General Tso’s Veggie Style Chicken 12.95
    Orange Veggie Style Chicken 12.95

    Sesame Veggie Style Chicken 12.95
    Hot and Spicy. We Can Alter the Spice According to Your Taste.