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Sushi Bar Special
     Served with Miso Soup    
    Sushi Regular(8 Pc Sushi & Tuna or California Maki) 15.50  

    Sushi Deluxe(10 Pc Sushi & Tuna or California Maki) 16.95  

    Sushi Special for Two 32.95
(18 Pc Sushi & Tuna & California Maki)
    Sashimi Regular(12 Pc Sashimi, Served With White Rice) 20.95

Sashimi Deluxe(16 Pc Sashimi, Served With White Rice) 23.95

    Sashimi Special for Two 40.95
(30 Pc Sashimi, Served With 2 White Rice)
    Sushi & Sashimi Combo 22.95
(7 Pc Sushi & 6 Pc Sashimi & California Maki)
    California Maki Dinner(3 California Rolls) 13.95

    Tuna Sushi Special(7 Pc Tuna Sushi & Tuna Maki) 16.50

    Salmon Sushi Special(7 Pc Salmon Sushi & Salmon Maki) 16.50

    Maki Combination(Tuna, Cucumber & California Maki) 12.95

    USA Platter(Alaskan, Boston and California Maki) 13.95

    Spicy Lover Platter 15.95
(Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon and Spicy Yellow Tail Makis)
    Chirashi Sushi(Assorted Seafood on Seasoned Rice) 15.95

    Vegi Lover Platter 13.95  
     (House Vegetable, Avocado-Kyu and Seaweed Makis)    
    Garden Platter 13.95  
     (House Vegetable, Cucumber Makis with 3 pc Inari)    
    Hot and Spicy. We Can Alter the Spice According to Your Taste.